Don’t Roll The DICE – Ride With It.

futuristic Dice dashboard, future car, Mercedes-Benz
Mercedes Benz has demonstrated their Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience dashboard concept for premium cars. This system is to interact with the driver, other vehicles and its environment to get use of the gathered information right on the spot. DICE dashboard is to turn windshield into a touchscreen area with Augmented Reality and natural gesture control function. Mercedes Benz DICE dashboard concept is to perform amazing things like instantly retrieving any news, communities and buildings info, informing the driver about other vehicles nearing an intersection to avoid accidents, or giving information on which parking space will become vacant soon to exclude the unnecessary search. It will also fulfill such pleasant trifles as transfer the music a customer just heard outside right into the car.

futuristic dashboard, fantastic car, Mercedes-Benz

futuristic interior, Mercedes

futuristic Dice dashboard, future Mercedes

futuristic Dice dashboard, future car, Mercedes-Benz

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