Brain Waves And Heartbeat To Secure Your Password

brain becomes your password
Experts say, soon no extra devices (like fingerprint or eye scanners) will be needed to secure your password. As, your brain’s reaction to a particular image will already be used instead of the password itself. Ramaswami Palaniappan of the University of Wolverhampton, UK and Navin Cota of the Mind Research Network in New Mexico are working on a two levels password system utilizing images. Let’s say one should pick two particular preset pictures out of a whole set, and even if the right pictures can be randomly chosen, the brain reaction would still look wrong, as the change in electric potential of the brain will happen for the right person. As EEG requires contact with the scalp, the challenge is to recognize the signals without involving a cap.

The other means of password security is using a person’s heartbeat. Between two beats, the heartbeat is the same. However, an electrocardiogram shows a difference between two humps on a heartbeat, one being thin and tall, and the other – short and on a distance that varies for every person.

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