Unique Successful Hydrogen Fueled Underwater Robot

Robojelly, Hydrogen Fueled Underwater Robot
The robot nicknamed Robojelly due to its jellyfish like form and type of movement was created by the US scientists headed by Dr. Tadesse, from the University of Texas at Dallas. This is the first underwater robot known to use the external hydrogen for its power. The robot’s artificial muscles made of shape memory alloys are acting as the muscles in the jellyfish bell: first they contract ejecting the water and propelling the creature forward, then, they relax, regaining the original shape. The robotic ‘muscles’ have been wrapped in carbon nanotubes, and coated with platinum black powder producing a series of reactions between the water oxygen and hydrogen and the mentioned platinum. As an outcome of those reactions there’s some heat produced and used to reshape the muscles.

Robojelly, Hydrogen Fueled Underwater Robot
The study was sponsored by the US Office of Naval Research meaning one day the Robojelly could be used in US Navy and Marine Corps underwater rescue operations.
Via: EcoFriend.com
Robojelly, Hydrogen Fueled Underwater Robot

Robojelly, Hydrogen Fueled Underwater Robot

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