The Underwater Luxury Hotel

Underwater Architecture, Future Hotel
The Water Discus Hotel planned to become an above and under water luxury resort. Two discs, one above the water level and the other 10 meters under it are going to be connected by the vertical pillars and the elevator and with the staircase upright hall. This hotel is designed by the Poland based Deep Water Technologies is planned to have multiple under water, above water and diving possibilities, additionally to the gorgeous marine rooms view. The Water Discus Hotel safety has been addressed to withstand both water currents as well as extreme conditions as tsunamis. In case of danger the underwater disc floats up. An international classification organization has been allocated to administer design, construction, technical and safety requirements of the hotel.

Underwater building, Futuristic Hotel
Underwater Hotel

Underwater life, Water Discus Hotel

Underwater Luxury Hotel

Future life, Water Discus Hotel

Underwater Luxury Hotel

Underwater Luxury Hotel

future architecture, Water Discus Hotel

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