Photosensitive Takes And Prints Pictures At Home Or On The Go

futuristic gadget, Photosensitive, Damien Arlettaz
Photosensitive is the project to make every camera user able to print his/her own pictures, share and store them right on the spot without any special knowledge or need to use any transitional devices like computer and such.

futuristic gadget, Photosensitive, Damien Arlettaz
This gadget by Damien Arlettaz consists of stenope, viewer, contact sheet and memory. The first module being a touch-screen digital camera is also a control screen for the three latter units. And those let a customer store up to 10,000 images, automatically download them through Wi-Fi, present slideshows, print on any even surface or paper in 4×6 inch format.
future gadget, Photosensitive, Damien Arlettaz

futuristic device, Photosensitive, Damien Arlettaz

futuristic camera, Photosensitive, Damien Arlettaz

future camera, Photosensitive, Damien Arlettaz

touch-screen, Photosensitive, Damien Arlettaz

futuristic digital camera, Photosensitive, Damien Arlettaz

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