Noon Silk – Quantum Computing – Future Salon

Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics:

Future Salon – All things futurist…
Activities: General discussion on all things future…
A presentations may be given — if so they will be videoed.
IF it is NOT held at a pub, you can BYO drinks and nibbles.
What is it? The Singularity / Future Salon is a (mostly) monthly discussion group where people get together for educational, fun, and challenging presentations, discussions, and dialogue on important trends and innovations in science, technology, business, and social change. The meta-theme for the Salon is a multidisciplinary inquiry into accelerating change, and the implications, issues, and challenges that rapid ongoing change creates.
The importance of being an open-minded, broadly-interested and informed lifelong learner is one of the personal implications of accelerating change that we seek to internalize and model.
From our perspective, Future Salons serve three main purposes:
A. Education about interesting, practical, and useful trends and tools in our rapidly changing world
B. Networking among a multidisciplinary community of positive, practical and passionate change leaders
C. Socializing among future oriented people, forming a regular, supportive, and fun community.

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