Mars One Concludes A Contract With Paragon On Developing Environmental Control And Life Support System (+VIDEO)

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The Netherlands-based non-profit organization Mars One, which plans to establish a human habitation on Mars and to land four astronauts there in 2023, has recently signed an agreement with the Arizona-based Paragon Space Development Corp. to conduct a conceptual design study of the life-support and spacesuit systems meant for the project. Paragon chief engineer and co-founder Grant Anderson claims that, “The objective of this conceptual design study will be to provide a well-defined pathway to mature the technologies and architectures required for long-term human habitation in the Martian environment.” Paragon will study developing Environmental Control and Life Support System, which would provide colonists with safe living quarters, clean air and water. The company will also study spacesuit concepts for Mars explorers to move about the Mars surface. The appraised value of landing four settlers on Mars in 2023 is about $6 billion, thus Mars One plans to pay expenses by staging a global reality-TV event, with cameras documenting the one-way mission from astronaut selection to the colonists’ first years on Mars.

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