Holding Hands With Cell-Phone

pulse cellphone, future gadget
The mobile experiences promise to become personal and intimate with Pulse designed by Loh Wen Bin Timothy. The device is going to change shape according to the situation of usage. When the owner is on the phone Pulse curves to meet the facial traits and to fit the grip. When in the pocket it becomes slim and smooth for space saving.

Loh Wen Bin Timothy, futuristic phone
Pulse has silicone based surface, embedded social robotics and multiple (proximity, pressure, light, ambient, etc.) sensors which together with clear AMOLED screen make the user experience unprecedentedly rich and comfortable. The gadget communicates with other devices via Bluetooth, near field communication and cloud computing.
pulse phone, future gadget
Pulse can bend enough to hold your hand, adjusting the tightness of the grasp with the help of force sensors according to the intensity of your clasp at the very moment.
Doesn’t that sound as a friend’s support already?
Via: DesignBuzz.com
pulse cellphone, future concept

pulse cellphone, future device

pulse cellphone, future gadget

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