Digits Enables Mobile Human-Computer Interaction (+VIDEO)

Developers from the Newcastle University and the Microsoft Research Cambridge, U.K, have created a wrist-mounted sensor device that allows the wearer to manipulate everything from on-screen characters, guns within computer games, and controls within software programs on and television sets. Digits maps a person’s hands and fingers in real-time and turns that data into three-dimensional control vectors on a computer or simple pre-programmed control commands on electronic devices without displays. This is the first hand interface that doesn’t need a glove and offers a better control of any number of gadgets. Furthermore, it can be used on-the-go as a mobile input device, e.g. to operate a smartphone without taking the handset out of your pocket. David Kim reports, that “We want users to be able to interact spontaneously with their electronic devices using simple gestures and not even have to reach for their devices.” Designers are planning to reduce Digits to the size of a watch that can be worn all the time.


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