Be Friendly To Environment, Save Space, Grow Your Own Food

Skyfarm, Future Food, ManuelDreesmann
Being friendly to environment, reducing pollution, saving space and energy, grow your own food – those have been the wide-spread conscious trends lately. How could one combine all of those in one, especially dwelling in a metropolis? Skyfarm concept gives a comprehensive reply to the question.

Skyfarm, Future Food, ManuelDreesmann
Even on a very limited balcony space you can enjoy growing your food in the Skyfarm. Molded acrylic spheres attached onto the ceiling of your balcony have the height balancer and adjustable pull-down handles which let you draw the plants up and down as you need to take care of them. There’s also an area on the handle to write the name, so that you can easily identify your sky-crops. Handy.
Skyfarm, Future Food, ManuelDreesmann

Skyfarm, Future Food, ManuelDreesmann

Skyfarm, Future Food, ManuelDreesmann

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