Audi 2Lip: 2050s Vehicle For The Elderly

Audi 2Lip, Vehicle 2050, Davide Varenna
If you are around 30 now, this would be a vehicle for your, when you are a grandpa/ma.

Audi thinks ahead about everybody’s needs. Their Audi 2Lip in constructed in the way that any user with some mobility problems can feel comfortable getting in and out as well as driving it. The front of the concept made of shape memory polymer will open and close like a petal, the front platform will move down providing more space for disabled people. Spaciousness is one of the pros of Audi 2Lip, as the mechanics will be placed inside the large rear wheels. Among other favors is the supreme visibility of the road and enhanced safety. Designer David Varenna also made sure this futuristic vehicle has a strong and aerodynamic form.

Audi 2Lip, future Vehicle, Davide Varenna

Audi 2Lip, unique vehicle, Davide Varenna

Audi 2Lip, Vehicle concept, Davide Varenna

Audi 2Lip, transportation 2050, Davide Varenna

Audi 2Lip, transport 2050, Davide Varenna

Audi 2Lip, Vehicle 2050, Davide Varenna

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