Hiriko – First Stackable Electric Citycar Commercialized

Future electric car, Hiriko
At the beginning of the year MIT Media Lab supported by Denokinn (an industrial sponsor from Spain) a full size Hiriko Stackable Electric Citycar at the Euripean Union Commission headquarters. Due to its practical characteristics this concept was commercialized by the group of Spain based automotive suppliers.

Future urban vehicle, Hiriko, green car
Hiriko Stackable Electric Citycar provides effectual parking solution for urban areas, as 3 folded vehicles can fit one usual parking space. This two-passenger car runs over 100 km in one charge of its lithium-ion battery and has Robot Wheels, each of which is independently controlled by by-wire system providing high maneuverability.
Via: Tuvie.com
Future green car, Hiriko

Future electric citycar, Hiriko

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