VERT: An Intercity Elevated Ferry For You & Your Car

vertically elevated transport
The Vertically Elevated Rapid Transport concept, aka VERT (created as a thesis project by Brook Middlecott Banham), is a mass transportation system that serves pretty much like a ferry allowing users to get the personal transport with them. A passenger should simply book a ticket online, drive into the entry gate and onto the VERT, leave the vehicle at the lower deck, go to the upper deck featuring seating, entertainment and the like, travel to a necessary location, and then depart from the destination gate using the personal vehicle. The system, shaped like a snake’s spine to follow all the curves of the roads, is to be mounted along the state highways. The VERT also has to be computer operated to safeguard travelers and avoid crashes.
elevated rapid transport
vertically transport you and car

vertical ferry, vert

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