The New iPhone. What Else To Add?

New iPhone, ADR Studio, Retina Display
ADR Studio has developed a concept for the New iPhone that does not require a SIM card. Besides that it has two panel speakers ad three Retina Displays: showing all the data and notifications on the top, with the App dock, multitasking and what not on the bottom and the desktop space on the central part of the pack. All that comes in an aluminum unibody, with controls on the top and the edge, one of which could be LED powered to show the battery life. The home button is situated in the bottom display and is motion activated. With not much details exposed ‘the new iPhone’ looks pretty futuristic.

New iPhone, ADR Studio, Retina Display

future iPhone, ADR Studio, Retina Display

future Phone, ADR Studio, Retina Display

future mobile Phone, ADR Studio, Retina Display

future cell-Phone, ADR Studio, Retina Display

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