Russia’s New Generation Piloted Transport Ship Will Send Humans To The Moon

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Since late 1960s Russia has been sending simple, cheap and reliable Soyuz capsules into space, though frankly speaking, their design leaves much to be desired. So Russia has recently finished the design for a new spacecraft that will take humans to the Moon. The PPTS or “Prospective Piloted Transport System” is the name of the new capsule (oficially it is known as PTK NP, or the “New Generation Piloted Transport Ship”). RKK Energia is currently working on the PPTS design and it seems the PPTS prototype will soon be ready for its first flight. Vitaly Lopota, Energia President, claims, ” We have completed the technical design project taking into account the fact that the new spaceship is to fly to the moon. If we get normal financing, we will start flight tests of the spaceship in 2017.” It is planned that the spacecraft will also fly to near-Earth asteroids or perhaps even Mars.

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