Hybrid Reality: Emerging Era Of Our Civilization

Hybrid Reality
According to Parag and Ayesha Khanna (technology futurists) human civilization is on the verge of a new spin, the Hybrid Age, where people start to co-evolve with technology. The technology in this era is more and more social, intelligent and ubiquitous. While presently we are in the Information Age, the next age will be characterized with humans integrating with technology, and technologies merging with each other. This will bring wide adaptation of implantable technologies, increasing the quality and longitude of life, expensive usage of artificial intelligence and more emotional relationships with robots. Of course, there are unintended consequences to every technology, and this is the human’s concern to work on minimizing the downside of these. And of course, the important thing is to stay aware of the impact of the technology not to one day find that it in any way ‘controls’ us.
Via: psfk.com

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