Robo-Glove To Assist Astronauts and … Assembly Workers

Robonaut 2, nasa, GM, Robo-Glove
Space and earth came together in the project Robonaut 2 which is the collaboration between NASA and General Motors. The Robo-Glove or more formally the Human Grasp Assist is to cut down the force needed to hold and use tools in outer space or intense production environment. For example, astronauts working in a pressurized suit in the outer space or assembly workers may need to apply over 15-20 pounds of force during operation; which the glove can help turn into just 5-10 lbs. Sensors in the upper section of the glove track when the wearer is grasping tools. Synthetic muscles keep closing until sensors are released. Glove is integrated with diagnostics and programming display, actuators and control electronics. The lithium-ion battery energizes the device from the belt-clip. To cut down on the volume and weight (nearing two lbs or approximately a kilo) of the Robo-Glove, NASA and GM are improving its third-generation prototype.

Robonaut 2, nasa, GM, Robo-Glove

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