Playing With The Alien Eye

Alien Eye, futuristic gadget, Educational Toy, future kid
Learning Geography is sure to be captivating and interactive for children with a new concept educational toy, Alien Eye. It uses Cloud Technology and Internet, presenting information about the universe, different nations, cultures, plant and animal life with the help of a special observation device and a terrestrial globe with built-in RFID. Users can simply point the observation gadget to any place on the globe, the device will read the RFID code, link to the Internet to search pictures, matching to this code and finally the these pictures will be shown on its screen and key words will be spoken out.

Alien Eye, futuristic gadget, Educational Toy, future kid

Alien Eye, future gadget, Educational device, futuristic toy

Alien Eye, futuristic gadget, future children

Alien Eye, futuristic gadget, Educational technology, future kid

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