Perform Any Parking Moves Easily In A See-through Prius

see-through Prius, Toyota, CEATEC, Japan, Keio University, Susumu Tachi, Masahiko Inami, 2012 Digital Content Expo,Tokyo
Researchers from the Keio University in Japan has invented a system that makes the back seat “invisible” from the driver’s perspective and makes it easier to parallel park or perform a reverse park maneuver. The back seat in Toyota Prius known as “see-through Prius” seems to be transparent, thereby it puts an end to blind spots, which might hide potential hazards. The “see-through Prius” system presented at the 2012 Digital Content Expo in Tokyo, Japan is a version on optical-camouflage technology that was developed about a decade ago by Susumu Tachi and Masahiko Inami. The system captures footage from behind an object, projects the background onto the the back seat, thus the driver feels, as if he or she is driving a glass car.

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