Office Lunchbox & Table System For Healthy Office Diet

Office Lunchbox, futuristic table
The Office Lunchbox + Table is a system by Daniel To allowing office workers to reheat their home-cooked meals at the lunch station. The system is composed with a set of lunch boxes containing an induction cook top and a set of heat sensors; and an intelligent touch-interface cooking top. Once the lunch containers are recognized by the interface the user can customize the settings for the necessary type of food. The Office Lunchbox + Table system thus provides a healthy home-cooked alternative for the cafeteria food, and unlike a microwave oven, supplying space for multiple simultaneous users.

Office Lunchbox, futuristic table

Office Lunchbox + Table system

future Office Lunchbox, futuristic innovations

Office Lunchbox, futuristic table

Office Lunchbox, future table

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