Next Level Glider For The Air Transportation

Sky Voyage, future aircraft, Majestic Panther
Sky Voyage is a personal aircraft by Jet Shao designed to lessen on-the-ground traffic jams. The hybrid airship\glider has a hydrogen fuel-cell turbine engine and a gasbag. While the latter is inflated, this eco-craft can take off vertically, and then be moved by the wind, powered by engine.
Sky Voyage, future glider, Jet Shao

Sky Voyage, future airship, Majestic Panther

Sky Voyage, futuristic aircraft, Majestic Panther

Sky Voyage, personal aircraft, Jet Shao

Sky Voyage, future airship, Majestic Panther

Sky Voyage, hybrid airship, Jet Shao

Sky Voyage, future glider, Majestic Panther

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