Li-Fi, 100X Faster Than Wi-Fi!

Li-Fi looks to be yet another disruptive technology, this time in communication, which has remained with the same wireless technology since the year 2000.
Source: ColdFusion
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Harald Haas: Wireless data from every light bulb
The Future of the Internet

In the 2014 Tam Dalyell Lecture, Professor Harald Haas, Chair of Mobile Communications at The University of Edinburgh, reveals an amazing innovation that could change wireless communications forever.

The Li-Fi system uses standard light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to transmit electronic data signals, which will enable users to access the internet through the ordinary lighting systems in schools, workplaces and homes. This revolutionary invention has the potential to bring cheap, energy efficient and super-secure wireless access to the world.
Source: The University of Edinburgh

The Future of The Internet. Li-Fi, 100X Faster Than Wi-Fi!

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