LED Glasses Might Help People With Hearing Disabilities “See” Sounds

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Researchers from the KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) designed innovative glasses that could help the deaf respond to loud noises like car or bike horns when crossing a street. These LED glasses might help people with hearing disabilities “see” sounds and noises by means of converting sounds into visual alerts. The glasses have seven microphones mounted on the specially designed frame to enable the wearer identify the direction from which a sound has emerged. Then the audio signal is converted by the LED screen located inside the frame into visual and flashes the alert for the wearer to see. One more function they feature is alerting the wearer when the sound level around him has risen to above the threshold level of a person with normal hearing ability.  The drawback of the glasses is limited field of vision on account of having the display mounted at the temple of the wearer. Researchers report that  the technology is still in its early developmental stage and will be improved in the nearest future.

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