Hyundai’s Connectivity Concept Uses NFC System

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Hyundai has recently revealed its new Connectivity Concept that will make phones more capable of interacting with cars. The new technology based on the Near Field Communication has been already tested on the European model i30. The NFC tags attached to a car allow a driver to swipe their phone over the tag to unlock the car, start the car before the driver enters and perform other functions. Inside the car the phone docs in the center console and synchs it with the onboard infotainment touchscreen: the phone streams music, accesses the users’ phonebook, text-messaging, remembers user’s preferences such as radio presets etc. Collaborating with Broadcom Corporation Hyundai plans to put the Connectivity Concept into production in 2015, until that time there’re some things to be done to develop this technology, like to build in a system that deals with lost or damaged phones so that consumers can still use their cars.

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