How Today’s Technology Is Rapidly Catching Up To ‘Star Trek’

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In a distant part of the galaxy, 300 years in the future, Starship Enterprise Captain James T. Kirk talks to his crew via a communicator; has his medical officer assess medical conditions through a handheld device called a tricorder; synthesizes food and physical goods using his replicator; and travels short distances via a transporter. Kirk’s successors hold meetings in virtual-reality chambers, called holodecks, and operate alien spacecraft using displays mounted on their foreheads. All this takes place in the TV series “Star Trek” and is, of course, science fiction.

This science fiction is, however, becoming science reality. Many of the technologies that we saw in “Star Trek” are beginning to materialize, and ours might actually be better than Starfleet’s. Best of all, we won’t have to wait 300 years…

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