GhostManta: Green, Documentation Submarine

GhostManta, future Submarine, Caan Yaylali
GhostManta – this name is obviously hinting on the Manta Ray shape and the part ‘ghost’ is added to highlight the noiselessness its electric engine. This is an innovative deep water exploration submarine. GhostManta is designed by Caan Yaylali for two underwater explorers and has a robust glass dome, 3D cameras that capture 360 degrees view, water propulsion and powerful headlights to offer for their quite, no-pollution trip. The GhostManta outline helps the underwater documentalists to sneak out of tight corners, and its capability to absorb high pressure and stay underwater for long ensures the minimal resurfacing.
GhostManta, futuristic Submarine, Caan Yaylali

GhostManta, modern Submarine, Caan Yaylali

GhostManta, Submarine concept, Caan Yaylali

GhostManta, future watercraft, Caan Yaylali

GhostManta, future underwater vehicle, Caan Yaylali

GhostManta, future Submarine, Caan Yaylali

GhostManta, future vehicle, Caan Yaylali

GhostManta, future electric vehicle, Caan Yaylali

GhostManta, future Submarine, Caan Yaylali

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