Eric Drexler – Debate & Lecture on Radical Abundance – Nanotechnology Science Cafe

The Knowledge Café is a form of contemporary science journalism for a live audience. Martijn van Calmthout & De Volkskrant talk to experts on a topical theme of inside or outside science. With scientists, engineers and of course the public. This episode of the Knowledge Café is world famous Nanotechnology guru Eric Drexler.

Scarcity of raw materials is a real and fast approaching problem. How do we keep the world and especially our economy on oil and technology without turning the raw materials for a new cell phone or a windmill ? In his new book ‘Radical Abundance’ Nanotechnologist Eric Drexler foresees no deficits through nanotechnology, we can make all kinds of materials that we want. He calls it ‘atomically precise manufacturing’, or APM. Drexler will explain how it works and the implications for society.

Professor of molecular materials Alan Rowan (Radboud University Nijmegen, Institute of Molecules and Materials) is less optimistic about the potential of APM.
Tsjalling Swierstra (Professor of philosophy of technology Maastricht University) also takes part in the conversation

The discussion is led by moderator Martijn van Calmthout (De Volkskrant).
Source: Adam Ford

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