Desktop-Sized Laser Supercomputers Could Be Coming By 2020

Professor Heinz Wolff explains the Optalysys Optical Processor.

There is an unending demand for increasing computer processing capabilities, especially for “heavy lifting” tasks such as creating engineering and scientific simulations and finding patterns in “Big Data”. Optalysys is revolutionising this area by using light rather than electricity to perform processor intensive mathematical functions at speeds well in excess of what can be achieved with electronics, and at a fraction of the cost and power consumption.

Professor Heinz Wolff is a highly respected scientist and public figure. He is probably best known in the science world as ‘inventor’ of Bioengineering and to the public for his television and radio work over the years, including such series as BBC’s ‘The Great Egg Race’. During his career he has worked to make complex science easier to understand.

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