Dark Cyberpunk Ambiance – The Enigma TNG (Cyberpunk Music)

“The 4 tracks which are 2027 Ambiance, Silent Hacker, Genesis, and Beyond the World (19 mins total) are originally from the Genesis album. They were incredibly low in volume on the album (which was my fault) so I decided to take them and increase the volume as well as place them together as a whole track, creating a true dark cyberpunk atmosphere. The music is inspired/ influenced specifically by the soundtrack of Deus Ex Human Revolution, which was done by Michael McCann. Other popular series would be Metal Gear Solid, Cyberpunk 2077 (still in development), and of course the popular anime Ghost in the Shell.”

Track Listing:
1. 2027 Ambiance
2. Silent Hacker
3. Genesis
4. Beyond the World

The Enigma TNG:
Art Page:
Dark Cyberpunk Ambiance, future, The Enigma TNG, futuristic, Cyberpunk Music

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