Could Water Droplets Be The Basis For A New Computing Concept?

Superhydrophobic Droplet Logic, Aalto University, computing concept, Advanced Materials, Boolean, logic devices
Researchers from the Aalto University have worked out the “Superhydrophobic Droplet Logic” model, using water droplets as digitized information. The water droplets could be turned into technology, where digital technology was present in the form of water droplets. This would permit create a memory using the building blocks for computing, devices made using the basic Boolean logic operations. When loaded with reactive chemicals, the water droplets could be used to arouse a chemical reaction via their controlled collision. Programmable chemical reactions can be created by means of combining droplet logic operations with collision-controlled chemical reactions. Researchers hope, that superhydrophobic droplet logic could enable creation of technology like programmable biochemical analysis devices and electricity-free autonomous simple logic devices.

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