Bio-printers Will Soon Make Three Dimensional Tissues On Demand

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3D bio-printer is the result of collaboration between Australian engineering firm Invetech, and Organovo, a regenerative medicine company based in San Diego, California. It is a highly reliable, integrated and easy-to-operate bio-printer system that allows scientists to place cells of almost any type into a desired 3D pattern. This innovative device can grow arteries at the moment and its creators hope in future it could be used to make organs on demand for organ replacement surgery. The 3D bio-printer comprises two print heads, one for placing human cells, and the other for placing a hydrogel, scaffold, or support matrix. The cells used by the device must be the cells of what is being regenerated, e.g. building an artery requires arterial cells. What is really important, the new organ will not be rejected by the body, cause the patient’s own cells are being used. Keith Murphy, Organovo CEO, claims the bio-printer provides organizations working on various types of tissue construction and organ replacement with a flexible technology platform.
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