All-Terrain Nissan Guardian To Sense When The Driver’s Too Calm

Nissan Guardian, vehicle 2030
Nissan Guardian concept by Ming-deng Tang and Bo-jyun Jhan is an all-terrain design proposal presented at Yu-lon Nissan’s “Future Car Concept Design” in Taiwan. This vehicle is meant adapt to different environments quickly just as leopard does, for this its posture, color and even wheels mimic those (including paws) of a leopard. This single-seated car is powered by hydrogen and supported with the solar energy through the panel roof. The front door lets a driver get out fast in case of an emergency. The innovative cockpit system of Nissan Guardian can also detect a driver’s blood pressure and pulse rate to adjust the driving experience.
Nissan Guardian, future vehicle, 2030

green car, Nissan Guardian, vehicle 2030

Nissan Guardian, futuristic car

hydrogen power, Nissan Guardian, car 2030

Nissan Guardian, vehicle 2030

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