Accio’s ElectroHydroDynamic (EHD) Turbine-less Wind Energy System

Offering to dramatically reduce the cost of offshore wind power generation with siting advantages and higher capacity factor in the global renewable power market, Accio’s patent protected EHD wind technology is ready for the first-ever sub-commercial scale offshore demonstration. Generating high-voltage, direct current (HVDC) electricity using wind and a charged water mist, EHD systems will operate on seawater; be built using high-volume, low-cost automotive heritage advanced manufacturing; offer deep-water deployment options; and be sufficiently robust to survive storm conditions. EHD systems have no moving parts (e.g. no turbine) and are transportable and scalable to multi-gigawatt arrays.
Source: Accio Energy
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Accio's ElectroHydroDynamic (EHD) Turbine-less Wind Energy System, The Future of Energy, Accio Energy, EHD Wind Power, Alternative Energy

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