500-day Mars Mission Simulation by NASA: To Be Or Not To Be?

nasa, Mars Mission, future space travel
The 520-day Mars-500 simulation was conducted on Earth by European Space Agency and Russia’s Roscosmos. It looked into the psychological and logistical aspects of six men crew being in a capsule for most of the time during the trip there, a period in orbit/on the surface of the Red Planet, and the trip back. NASA aims to have much alike simulation on the International Space Station to measure the physical influence on an astronaut’s health. So far, the longest orbit sojourn equals 437 days. According to the Russian cosmonaut Valeriy Polyakov who carried out that stay, it is possible to maintain both physical and psychological health during such a mission. If NASA is to check this we’ll get to know in another two to three years.
Via: Dvice.com

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