Vuzix Unveils A New Augmented Reality Wearable Display (+VIDEO)

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Vuzix has recently unveiled a new augmented reality wearable display combining the best of their wearable display systems in the Wrap 1200AR wearable display. The Vuzix Wrap 1200AR is a near-eye display system designed to display video content provided by a Windows based PC. The AR glasses include a pair of cameras, mounted in front of the displays, which then capture the world around you from your viewing angle. The company reports that, “The Wrap 1200 series of eyewear provides exceptional personal adjustability and video clarity. Individual left and right eye focus and eye-separation are combined with Vuzix patented AccuTilt technology. This advanced display features and a 75” virtual display, as seen from 10 feet (~3m), enable you to take a superior display system and tune it to your personal requirements. Coupled with our popular stereo camera system you can capture and display 2D and 3D video like never before.”

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