Video Sunglasses Capture Your Extreme Sports And Outdoor Exploration (+VIDEO)

If you like extreme sports and outdoor exploration you can now use Pivothead’s video sunglasses instead of taking bulky camera equipment. The stylish sunglasses can record 1080p HD video and shoot crisp still images thanks to an 8 megapixel camera built into the bridge of the glasses. They can also capture time lapse burst still shots at various intervals and up to 16-shot rapid burst photos. The shades feature an 8GB internal memory capacity, wind-resistant audio recording, multiple pre-set video and camera modes, and the Air Pivothead iOS and Android app enables the wearer to view, clip and share their videos and photos. You can watch the thrilling footage taken with the Pivothead sunglasses in the video below.

future, Pivothead, future sunglasses, video sunglasses, future devices, future gadget, new concept, futuristic

future, Pivothead, future sunglasses, video sunglasses, future devices, future gadget, new concept, futuristic









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