Tata Megapixel Presented In Geneva

Tata Megapixel, Future vehicle
Megapixel, presented in Geneva by Tata Motors, is the improved and larger version of the Pixel concept showed off same place a year earlier. Megapixel has a windscreen that gracefully continues into a panoramic glass roof, it also comes with C-pillars, smooth rear view mirrors and a 10kW electric motor in each wheel. To pump those up to 900 km range the vehicle has a single cylinder petrol motor with one litter of fuel spent for each 100 km. The Megapixel features enough space for the comfortable ride of four adults and four scissor doors that hinge and slide outwards. Speaking about comfort, the large touchscreen panel with human-machine interface will provide you control of pretty anything from the driving and performance of the car to ventilation and entertainment. The cool feature is the Zero Turn that Megpixel can perform with a 2.8 meter turning radius which equals the length of its wheelbase.
Via: AutoMotto.com

Tata Megapixel, Future automobile

Tata Megapixel, electric car

Tata Megapixel, Future car

Tata Megapixel, Electric vehicle

Tata Megapixel, green car

Tata Megapixel, eco car

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