Superyacht Iwana: Treats On Board

futuristic Superyacht Iwana, Alex McDiarmid
The 87m Superyacht Iwana by Alex McDiarmid, shaped like a dragon head, has much more to it to impress its owners and guests. It has a panoramic roof with ‘smart’ solar panels that can change their transparency, a transformable hull, a swimming-pool, a jacuzzi, sea scooters, windsurfers, scuba gear and what not. Among others, the yacht carries the SeaBird submarine for two. The Superyacht Iwana can be a private retreat as well as accommodate in 8 cabins a party of 16 guests with a crew of 20.
futuristic yacht Iwana, Alex McDiarmid

futuristic watercraft, Superyacht Iwana, Alex McDiarmid

future luxury yacht Iwana, Alex McDiarmid

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