Robots Army in the Future – Special Documentary (VIDEO)

The utilization of Robotics in military is well shown by US army. Osama and other terrorists were tracked by these military robots. They are robust, they are obedient, they are daring, they don’t have fear of death, and most important they have proved themselves in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, terrorists are terrified by drone attacks. The utilization of robotics technology in military led to a new field in robotics i.e. Military Robotics.
Military robotics isn’t about creating an army of humanoids but utilization of robotics technology for fighting terror and defending the nation. Thus, military robots need not be humanoids or they not necessarily need to carry weapons, they are just those robots that can help the armed forces. The opportunities offered by these technologies are boundless. Apart from army research centers there are many private firms also which provide military robots for defense forces like Foster Miller,21st Century Robotics, EOD Performance, Northrop Grumman, General Atomics etc. They have created many job opportunities and are developing this sector. It is expected that its market will extend up to $9.8 billion by 2016.


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