Organics Mimicry Tower For Taiwan

Organics Mimicry Tower, future Taiwan
The architectural studio Soma (Austria) has developed this “Multiple natures – fibrous tower” for the competition in Taichung (Taiwan). Based on the principles of animal and plant life, this structure is to house the observation tower and city museum. Both exterior and interior of this set is to adapt to weather condition through the newest systems, equipment and construction material which is also to be primarily locally produced. Hollows formed in clusters provide maximum wind resistance; the architecturally dubbed fibers of plants adapt to the load on each individual segment of the structure, all together offering the eight-towered aerodynamic organic beauty.
Organics Mimicry Tower, future building, Taiwan

Organics Mimicry Tower, future architecture, Taiwan

futuristic tower, Taiwan

Organics Mimicry Tower, future Taiwan

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