Nexus Media Center: Hyper Futuristic Construct For UAE

Nexus Media Center, futuristic architecture, future uae, Michael Arellanes
This futuristic design was submitted by Michael Arellanes architectural studio (USA) for construction on the island of Saadiyat (UAE) and called Nexus Media Center. This structure is to serve a center for collection and storage of information and to include the media center, exhibition spaces, offices, apartments, as well as markets and green terraces on the sides of the central part. The ultra abstract architecture is based on genomic education and aims to develop intellectual principles in spatial solutions, design and architecture. The complex topography of Nexus Media Center together with the bridge that forms the tectonic and transforms into a vertical building offer both indoors and outdoors functional performances.
Nexus Media Center, futuristic building, future uae, Michael Arellanes

Nexus Media Center, futuristic design, future uae, Michael Arellanes

Nexus Media Center, futuristic concept, future uae, Michael Arellanes

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