NASA Funding Various Advanced Technology Concepts

fusion driven rocket
The NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) is designed to fund futuristic ideas that are crazy and simultaneously may make sense. NASA has selected 28 plausible to their mind projects, each of which gets $100,000, among which are:
- NanoTHOR: Low-Cost Launch of Nanosatellites to Deep Space;
- Sample Return Systems for Extreme Environments;
- Exploration of Under-Ice Regions with Ocean Profiling Agents (EUROPA);
- MAGNETOUR: Surfing Planetary Systems on Electromagnetic and Multi-Body Gravity Fields;
- Venus Landsailing Rover;
- SpiderFab: Process for On-Orbit Construction of Kilometer-Scale Apertures.
Then, some Phase II developments, which get $500,000 each:
- The Fusion Driven Rocket: Nuclear Propulsion through Direct Conversion of Fusion Energy;
- Cavehopping Exploration of Planetary Skylights and Tunnels;
- Ghost imaging of space objects.
Sounds very futuristic. Thank you, NASA for bringing the future closer.

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