Iris Tablet: Fujitsu Transparent Tablet Concept

transparent iris tablet, futuristic concept
Concept Iris Tablet draws attention immediately with its transparent screen, which provides a vast array of opportunities like GPS navigator drawing the virtual arrows on the real road. This OLED display helps read books with just placing the tabled on the text and seeing its translation. Wireless charging, text translation, document scanning, efficient navigation, a camera, convenient drawing and laying out created 3D projects onto real environment are the innovative features of the Iris Tablet for Fujitsu. This touchscreen also has a miraculous function of segmentation, allowing two users simultaneously perform two different tasks on one tablet surface.
futuristic tablet, innovation device

innovative tablet, futuristic technology

fujitsu tablet, future gadget

transparent iris tablet, future gadget

OLED tablet, amazing gadget

touchscreen tablet

transparent iris tablet, futuristic device

future tablet

Iris tablet concept

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