How Will Nanotechnology Revolutionize Medicine?

Over the past 40 years, giant leaps have been made in the field of nanotechnology. What is nanotech, and what is the future of it?
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An artificial molecular pump
“Carrier proteins consume fuel in order to pump ions or molecules across cell membranes, creating concentration gradients.”

Nature inspires first artificial molecular pump
“Using nature for inspiration, scientists have developed an entirely artificial molecular pump, in which molecules pump other molecules.”

Future impact of nanotechnology on medicine dentistry
“The human characteristics of curiosity, wonder, and ingenuity are as old as mankind. People around the world have been harnessing their curiosity into inquiry and the process of scientific methodology.”

Injectable Brain Implant Spies on Individual Neurons
“A simple injection is now all it takes to wire up a brain.”

The Future of Medicine
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