Current Development Toys: Robots Plus Logics

Robotic Blocks, robot toys for children
Ethan Huber and Haggai Levi have come up with an idea of a cool interactive robotic toy that also develops children’s logical thinking. The idea got realized in the form of Robotic Blocks. Those are the modules each having a simple command which a child can arrange in numerous ways to make the robot perform the operations needed. Like, the robot can be programmed to move, turn, bleep and so on, and the duration of any operation may be varied by putting 2 or 3 same blocks in a row. Robotic Blocks give the basics of programming as well develop logics through robot interaction. Pretty neat!

Robotic Blocks

future robot, robotic toy

future toys for children

Robotic Blocks, robot toys for children

Robotic Blocks, future robot for children

Robotic Blocks, robot toys for children

interactive robotic toy for children

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