Charger Out Of The Box: The Pilot Project By O2 And HTC

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The United Kingdom-based wireless carrier O2 plans to sell smartphones without USB chargers in the nearest future. The results of the research lead by O2 show, that there are about 100m unused chargers in the UK (duplicates of existing kit or from old handsets). The impact of these excess handsets on the environment is the following: 18,700 tons of components, 124,274 miles of copper wire and plastic covering, a volume of landfill equivalent to four Olympic swimming pools. The pilot project by O2 and HTC “charger out of the box” has turned out a real success, cause every four out of five handsets were sold charger-free. By 2015 O2 plans to sell all phones charger-free. The customers are now apt to buy a new phone and to use an existing charging device to attach it to the mains. The CEO of O2 in the UK Ronan Dunne hopes, that the rest of the industry will consider environmental reasons and join them in this campaign.

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