Can Robots Be Made Creative Enough To Invent Their Own Language?

Luc Steels delivers the 2012 Simonyi lecture and asks: can machines be creative enough to invent their own language?

Professor Steels talks about some of his recent breakthrough experiments, which have seen robots programmed to play language games and come up with novel concepts, words and meanings. He discusses how this triggers a process of cultural evolution that leads to more complex forms of language and deliberate on what this tells us about the nature of our own intelligence and the future of artificial intelligence. Luc Steels is ICREA Research Professor at the Institut de Biologia Evolutiva (CSIC-UPF) in Barcelona and Director of the Sony Computer Science Laboratory in Paris. The Simonyi Lecture is funded by a generous gift from the Amalur Foundation.
Source: oxford

Can Robots Be Made Creative Enough To Invent Their Own Language? | The Future of Robotics

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