An Eco-Friendly ATM Concept

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It’s impossible to imagine our life without 24 hour-a-day ATM, enabling the user to make different transactions like withdrawing money, making a deposit or paying a utility bill. But have you ever though of the enormous amount of energy an average ATM consumes? Brazil’s Edra Equipamentos has recently initiated the “Contemporary Bank Project”, aimed at creating an energy saving design without compromising accessibility or performance.
The Brazilian concept of the eco-friendly ATM uses a rooftop photovoltaic solar panel to provide power to the LED lights throughout the night. Furthermore, it features a clear “Solatube” system coated with a film from 3M, blocking more than 80 percent of infrared rays at a daytime to keep the interior cool. The ATM booth is built from environmentally-friendly raw materials: its walls and ceiling are made of a polymer derived from a combination of recycled PET bottles, and oilseed plants. The concept cost equals to $300,000 (around 20-30 percent higher than Brazil’s current ATMs), but a set of its eco-friendly features are woth it!

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