3D Portable Braille Map And Robotic Navigation To Benefit The Blind

3d braille map
The robotic system, under development by Edwige Pissaloux and peers of the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Robotics at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, France is to use sophisticated location and navigation systems with a pair of glasses and 3D Braille map to help blind people find their way around. Basically, their project is an effort to create a Braille 3D map based on a person’s position and environment with the help of sensors, cameras and a pair of glasses with cameras producing 3D images of a particular location. The processor is then to review an image, combine the data with the info from the gyroscopes and accelerometers and produce a 3D map on a portable Braille device. The system is also to identify various social places like buss stations, pharmacies, libraries and what not. As a result a blind person will know his\her exact way in the streets.
Via: gizmowatch.com

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